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I’m in HI

HI Island

HI County


Moorea, PFI’d know that Shark’s Tooth anywhere.

Moorea, PF

I’d know that Shark’s Tooth anywhere.


Schubert’s Ave Maria played on a glass harp.


Close-ups of butterfly wing scales! You should definitely click on these images to get the full detail.

I’ve paired each amazing close-up (by macro photographer Linden Gledhill) with an image of the corresponding butterfly or moth.  The featured lepidoptera* are (in order of appearance):

*Lepidoptera (the scientific order that includes moths and butterflies) means “scaly wing.” The scales get their color not from pigment - but from microscopic structures that manipulate light.

The great science youtube channel “Smarter Every Day” has two videos on this very subject that I highly recommend:

We’re a one dog house.

When this dog dies, we’ll be so heartbroken we’ll never get another dog.